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A recent project to capture the clients ATEX approved hand held LED torch in use in an avionics environment. The logistics of getting access air-side to the servicing area on a jet liner were just far too difficult to contemplate. 

The brief was to show the hand held unit being held 'into' an inspection hatch on a wing fuel tank on a large jet liner. After Googling images of said fuel tank access and the size and fixtures required a quick sketch was sent to my client to gain approval for what I believed I could physically supply in the studio set build. It had to appear realistic, not too clean, as though it was a few years old but well maintained.

Set build, including painting, took a couple of days to facilitate. Then lighting and photography to capture a variety of options of hand and light position. A few tweaks to the lighting later the image was captured. Then some photoshop and all done....

I was having to keep things simple as not to distract from the purpose of the image. I had added some graphics to the wing near the access hatch but client preferred without. As we know the client is always right, and they know what the ultimate purpose of the image requires to show.

The 'OIL INDUSTRY' shoot we did at the same time was a similar studio build. The ATEX rating of course implies suitability for potentially explosive environments. My cameras and studio lighting do not carry the same ATEX rating!

This image was part shoot and part photoshop/photomontage construction. The rusty sheet metal and gravel were real, the access hatch was created for the client to match the brief. It was to be final cropped to a pano to fit a double page with text top and bottom.

Looking to get more of these challenging industrial shoots in the coming months with this clients new products coming soon.