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Another longstanding client Nigel a Chrissy of the successful Abbot Fire had the official opening of their new premises towards the end of last year. They were able gain the services of The Speaker of The Houses of Parliament' John Bercow to officiate at the event.

Best be prepared for Guy Fawkes....

...and the speeches were not to be missed!!!


Thanks to all the clients both old and new for making the start to 2014 so positive. The variety of projects covered is great for the motivation. One minute photographing corporate events suited and booted, the next upto my armpits in mud on a new site.

The new clients have included some of special not. We now are currently capturing images for William Cowley, the last vellum and parchment manufacturer in the UK for their new website. One of only a handful of manufacturers worldwide, William & Cowley supply The Houses of Parliament for the acts of parliament, Royal Wedding Certificates, etc. They also supplied the media used to make 'The Pirates of the Caribbean' maps etc, and 'Harry Potter'! Recently they have also been involved with the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

We are now currently photographing for their products pages a wide variety of media that they produce. These are used for anything from the obvious quality archival documentation, to furniture, musical instruments etc. The challenge is to reveal the texture, surface quality and detail of each variant. Not easy when the images are to be reduced in quality for web purposes!

A test image above shows just two examples of the products. They vary from almost pure white, almost transparent to stiff stereotypical 'Pirate' veined and marked skins. Definitely not your high tech production line, but hand made quality throughout and carrying on an ancient craft.